Buying an Existing Franchise Business

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Buying An Existing Business

If you’re considering buying an existing franchise business, you’ll be happy to know you are making a sound business decision. Here are some of the many advantages.

Why Buy a Franchise?

Franchises offer proven products with proven successes. Many people have opened and operated a business very similar to yours, so many of the operational problems and pitfalls have already been worked out. Franchises offer a well-known name that gives you instant recognition and built-in credibility. The best part is, 85% of franchise businesses are successful after five years. Less than 20% of non-franchise start-ups make it through the first five years.

Franchises also offer great opportunity to add additional locations in the future. And training, one of the most difficult tasks for a small business to manage, is usually handled by the franchise company.

Buying an Existing Franchise

Buying an existing franchise offers the best of both worlds. In addition to the safety and high likelihood of success associated with a franchise, you get the benefit of skipping the start up period, which every entrepreneur will tell you, is the most difficult time for any business.

You’ll also enjoy immediate business and cash flow. Unlike buying a new franchise business, you’ll avoid the store build-out phase and many of the costs associated with the grand opening of a business. You’ll be operational immediately, and if you wish, you can be on the payroll from week one.